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We offer to buy fiberglass tubs. The main difference between a fiberglass tub and a polypropylene tub is that the fiberglass tub’s inner benches and window sills are of the same alloy. The advantages of fiberglass tubs are that they do not hold water, can be cleaned with chemicals, the tub is almost wear-free and is more hygienic.

These materials are durable and do not require constant maintenance. Polypropylene and fiberglass have a high degree of elasticity, so even in winter, when the water is frozen, the tubs made of this plastic do not break or otherwise deform. The operating temperatures of these materials can range from -45 to +120 degrees Celsius.

We make hot tubs of the highest quality materials, professionally process and assemble one piece.

It is a plastic which:

  • Not human-friendly.
  • Hygienic.
  • Resistant to weathering.
  • Resistant to acids, corrosion, abrasion.

Standard bath set:

  • Dimensions: inner 180cm, outer 200cm, height 100cm.
  • Blue, white, dark gray with plastic lid.
  • Internal oven 2mm. thick (made of REAL stainless steel).
  • 2 meter high chimney with cap (made of TIKORO stainless steel).
  • Solid fiberglass windowsill.
  • lid for hot tub.
  • Wooden tub finish is painted twice with American Sherwin-Williams impregnant.
  • Poured enclosed bench inside (saves water ~ 300 liters, warms up faster).
  • Wooden – steps of the corrugated profile into the tub.
  • Water mixing paddle.
  • Insulated with 5cm polystyrene – works on the principle of thermos (settles faster, takes longer to heat).

Additional hot tub accessories:

  • LED water lighting with changing colors, control panel, wiring.
  • Jacuzzi system – 6 water jets, electrical installation.
  • Air massage system – 12 nozzles, electrical installation.

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